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LET THERE BE LIGHT | Eddy Greenwood
6 september t/m 26 oktober 2025

Light is the inspiration for Eddy Greenwood. Its timeless influence shapes the way he thinks and paints as an artist. The flow of light over the human face creates a beauty that can be seen in all of his work. His artistic journey began by studying the work of Leonardo da Vinci for a BA Hons degree in History of Art and Graphic Design. Renaissance master Da Vinci invented “Chiaroscuro” discovering that he could portray depth through light and shadow. After graduating, Eddy worked as creative director on international brands, directing the photography, illustration and films. He was privileged to be in the company of some of the worlds best lighting camermen, deepening his understanding of the emotions you can create by harnessing the light. In his step to becoming a full time painter, Eddy studied in Italy at the classical ateliers Charles H.Cecil Studios and Florence Academy of Art, both committed to painting from life under natural light. Enriched by this academic training he now works from his studio in Wassenaar, The Netherlands, dividing his time between portrait commissions, teaching and personal projects. Eddy’s paintings are regularly awarded in international art shows and he was proud to be a double finalist in the 16th ARC International Salon.

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