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Francien Krieg

9 maart t/m 28 april 2024

Francien Krieg, an oil painter of more than two decades, has embarked on a bold exploration of the convergence between traditional art and AI. Her solo exhibition showcases a collection of figurative oil paintings and AI animated artworks, exploring the complex themes of aging and the beauty of the fragility of life. Through her works, she challenges us to see beyond the physical and embrace the intricacy and wonder of the human experience. With a daring approach to art, she aims to bridge the gap between the traditional art world and the realm of AI art, creating works that are both captivating and controversial. Krieg's mastery of oil painting combined with the dynamic energy of AI art creates a new perspective on the complexity of the aging process. Through her use of colour, texture, and motion, she invites us to contemplate the nuances of the human experience and the beauty that can be found in our fragility. Join us on this journey into the digital age, where traditional art meets the possibilities of AI.

shelter in the sun 60 x 80 cm 2022
The Otherworldly Connection-gigapixel-standard-scale-2_98x kopiëren
wuthering heights 140 x 110 cm 2022
Francien Krieg.Do not go gentle into that good night .120x80cm.oillinen.2022
returning rituals 180 x 100 cm oil on linen 2010
perfect imperfections 120 x 100 cm oil on linen 2016
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