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BENEATH THE SURFACE | Zoran Arizanovic

6 mei t/m 25 juni 2023

Zoran Arizanovic was born in 1972 in Yugoslavia. He studied painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, and received a Master in Fine Arts degree in 2005. He worked professionally as VFX artist on films and games in UK and in Germany. Currently he lives and teaches in Breda, The Netherlands.
His work as a painter is influenced by old masters and contemporary realism. After a brief phase of minimal abstract work he works now exclusively in figurative-realistic manner from life or his own photographs.
His primary interest lies in building up carefully constructed surfaces that exploit the medium of oil and egg tempera painting. His working methods are slow and meticulous from preparing his own boards and canvases all the way to making his own paint. The motivation behind this is creating relationship with material aspect of painting and establishing relationship with his subject matter and materials.
In this manner he hopes to continue the dialogue with the authors from past and present that he considers important: Van Eyck, Vermeer, Antonio Lopez, Richard Estes and Gerhard Richter.

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